VIDEO-Left Wing and Union Activists beat Conservatives who speak out

Posted on June 9, 2010


by Capitol Confidential

The violent left has attacked conservative activists protesting big government, big spending and big bailout scheme proposed by Congress.  Tea Party activists in Tampa and St. Louis were beaten by left wing activists earlier this year.  Add Greensboro to that list.  This week, a group of local citizens in North Carolina protesting the Financial Reform bill and the Durbin BP Bailout amendment were accosted and then physically attacked by a left-wing activist who blamed George Bush for America’s ills.  Here is the video:

The Durbin Amendment to the financial reform bill is the latest government policy proposal that will pad BP’s bottom line.  The amendment would create a government imposed price control scheme that would shift billions of dollars away from consumer to retailers (British Petroleum, Exxon, WalMart).  That’s why the Durbin Amendment is supported by the  big retailers like Walmart, Petroleum Marketers Association and other prominent lobbyist groups which are funded, in part, by British Petroleum.

Proponents cynically and falsely claim it would help consumers, but its hard to see many consumers feeling benefited by paying higher prices while mega corporations increase their profits.

Just look at who is pushing this amendment—oil Companies and giant retailers

Which gets us back to the Durbin Amendment being protested in North Carolina.  The Financial Reform bill is nothing short of an unmitigated disaster for our country.  Bailouts will be permanently enshrined into law.  The Federal Reserve will be empowered, not reformed.  Left wing and union activists will be encouraged to interfere with the operations of companies through the proxy access provisions.  The bill’s broad definiation of  ”nonbank financial company” that would mean that many Main Street companies would be hit with regulations, taxation and possibily nationalization by the Federal Rererve.  And of course, ground zero for the financial crisis — Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac — remain untouched and unchanged by the bill.

None of this seems to bother left wing activists and members of Congress.  Left wing activists are willing to beat conservatives who are speaking out against this monstrosity.  Unfortunately, the real damage will be done to our economy and free market system and will be injured for years to come.

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