Black Mayors Focus: Clean Energy Hoax or Real Problems?

Posted on July 5, 2010


A delegation of 20 black mayors representing the National Conference of Black Mayors arrived in Washington, DC to lobby congress to pass legislation to promote “clean energy.”

According to the delegation’s press release, they want “a national plan to move their cities to become more energy efficient, reduce pollution and create new clean energy jobs and businesses.”

But is black unemployment twice the national unemployment rate because of carbon emissions? Are the budgets of state and local governments running in the red because of the kind of energy Americans burn?

One visit that the delegation of black mayors did not make was to the National Black Chamber of Commerce.

There they could have discussed the study done for the NBCC by CRA International that estimates job losses to the American economy from “clean energy” initiatives – cap and trade bills passed by the House and Senate – at about 2.5 million jobs.

And, according to the National Black Chamber, because the nation’s black population is concentrated in areas impacted the most by increased “clean energy” taxes and costs, the negative impact on black jobs will be even more severe.

What other result would we expect from layering several hundred billion dollars in new taxes on our economy, which is what “clean energy” bills that the black mayors want so badly would do? Why would these mayors be spending their time promoting policies so intuitively nonsensical?

Supposedly we have no choice. Three assumptions drive it all.

From Article: Our Problems Not in Atmosphere but On the Earth By Starr Parker