Oil, Scrapple and Pork Bellies

Posted on August 1, 2010


Guest Post…….

As a 17 year old freshman at the University of Southern Mississippi in 1965, I was living on $25 per MONTH, after room, board and tuition.

Obviously, when I went to the grocery store for extras, I had to mind my pennies.  As a Chicagoan, I discovered a new food about one third the priceof sausage – Scrapple.  It was good, even after I read the ingredients – Pork nose, lips, ears, tail, anus, and I forget what else.  The name was very appropriate.  It reminded me of Native Americans that found a use for every part of the Buffalo.  Waste not, want not.

Humans, yes, even Americans, are part of nature.  This line from a newspaper 99 years ago, kind of sums uphow entrepreneurs mimic nature and native Americans…

9 February 1911, Salt Lake Telegram (Salt Lake City, UT), pg. 9:
“We will make ham, bacon, lard, sausage, head cheese and scrapple,” he announced to his admiring family, and use everything but the squeal.

Which brings us to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  BP has clearly been an irresponsible citizen in it’s killing of dozens of it’s employees in pipeline shutdowns, refinery explosions and now the destruction of its oil rig in the gulf.  No other oil company comes anywhere close to BP in its negligent behavior.It deserves to be severely punished, and the market has already done that by by costing its investors hundreds of billions of dollars in stock value.

So, how will the planet deal with this catastrophe?  Well, for many millions of years, nature has pumped tens of millions of gallons of “all natural” petroleum into the oceans thru natural seepage.  Nature, like entrepreneurs, found a use for it.  It found a market for “Scrapple”.  Microbes evolved that love this stuff.

When man throws in a little extra food, they multiply like crazy to consume it.  Just like every other animal whose population explodes during a temporaryglut of food and shortage of predators.

So, before you think this natural disaster, by humans, is the end of the world, remember how nature has developed uses for our effluent.

Billions of fish crap in the ocean every day.  One hundred forty million gallons of all natural oil is far less than a drop in the bucket in the vast Gulf.  The biggest damage will come from the overreaction of government, killing tens of thousands of jobs.

 Article by Iverson