Video-Obama’s Aunt and the Real’American Dream.’

Posted on October 8, 2010


This am, one of my sisters sent me an email with a link to a video featuring President Obama’s aunt.  Obama’s Auntie seems to have an entitlement mentality.
It is so sad that many blacks have been turned into “give me my stuff, its my rightpeople. I barely remember, but years ago, in the very early sixties most blacks were hard working people. Some had small, mom and pop stores, dry cleaners, barber shops etc. Many blacks like their white brothers and sisters did blue collar and white collar hard work. These were decent, respectable people. Now many after generations of public handouts some live  permanently on welfare. The Democarts have ruined the American Dream for these people.
I was reminded of the real ‘AmericanDream’ last Sat when my son Chris saw  the ‘old American dream’ on display. My son went  into a little bakery. It was run by a Vietnamese couple, a two- person operation. Very clean, quite efficient. Chris bought doughnuts and kolachkis for his family. A Vietnamese couple running their own small business, selling Polish pastries to a Scottish-American from Chicago in Oklahoma City, Ok.  Now that is what America is supposed to be about! Everyone getting along. appreciating each other,making society and commerce work.
By the way, OKC is quite a melting pot. has a large hardworking Asian community and their homes and businesses are spotless, thriving.  The Asians have resturants, are tailors, doctors, etc.  OKC also has many Hispanic and native-American businesses that do very nice work and are doing quite well. And there are still many businesses devoted to the Old West and Cowboys and Cowgirls.
But, how sad all those wasted lives, wasted generations lost to the welfare state. These people have had empty lives. The Democrats put them there to just to buy their votes and for them there is no  American Dream.  SHAW
Tip of the hat to my sister for the video.