Election Verdict-The Basic Character of the American people has not changed

Posted on November 3, 2010


For those of us who believe in American exceptionalism and individual liberty and freedom, the results of the mid-term election have validated our belief in our fellow citizens.

This has been, up until November 2, 2010, a dismal twenty months.

The people of the United States have seen their President go around the world denigrating the sacrifices that have freed untold millions, and belittling the American inventiveness and can-do spirit that have made lives better for virtually all peoples of the world.

The Administration and the 111th Congress have unleashed a torrent of spending threatening to inundate present and future generations with unsustainable debt — resulting in a dramatically reduced standard of living and subservience to those who hold our bonds and do not have the nation’s or its citizens’ best interest at heart.

The passage of the health care reform act galvanized the still-unconvinced that President Obama, his fellow travelers in Congress and the media were only interested in controlling the day-to-day activity of each of us, and not in truly reforming the health care system.

 As Election Day approached, many of us refused to despair about the future, but instead we chose to take matters into our own hands, and turn to the mechanism bequeathed to us by the founding fathers to begin the long journey to repair the damage that has been wrought by those entrusted to serve the people.

 Some months ago during an interview on a radio talk show, a caller asked if I knew of any nation in the history of mankind that had ever successfully emerged from the financial and societal abyss into which we were entering.  I replied that I did not; however, if any country in the history of mankind could, it was the United States.

 We could, as we have a written Constitution with a mechanism to allow us to do so, and a unique and fiercely independent American character.

On March 4, 1789, the Constitution of the United States of America was declared ratified and in effect.  The citizens of this nation, 220 years ago, were given perhaps the greatest political document in history and the means to not only create a great country but to sustain it against those who would choose to use a powerful central government to impose tyranny and oppression.

The founders of the United States knew of the basic flaw in human nature: the desire to achieve power and control over others.  Thus a political and governmental system was set up that deliberately limited the authority of a central government and made the rights of the individual paramount, as well as put into place a mechanism, the tri-partite structure of the federal government and the terms of those in Congress and the White House, to allow the citizen to maintain these rights

Unfortunately, with the unprecedented prosperity we have enjoyed as a nation over the past century, many simply chose to ignore the first responsibility of citizenship: stay engaged and vigilant against those who would use the power to tax and spend to in order to amass authority over the citizenry.

Over this same period, and parallel to the apathy of the populace, a concerted effort has been underway to undermine the basic tenets of the Constitution.  The Courts, Congress and the Executive have succeeded in empowering the central government beyond anything the founders could have anticipated.

However, the empowerment of the individual to be active, organize and vote is the one area in which these forces cannot overturn the Constitution, nor can they change the basic character of the American people and their desire to be free and able to determine their own destiny.

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