Airport Terror-Drudge Picture of You on Airport Scanner

Posted on November 12, 2010



There is terror going on at the airports and its not from terrorists.Please read every article you can on the scanners at airports. The government is rushing millions of more scanners to airports to beat the holiday rush. If you “opt out” of going through the scanner you will be “patted down by a TSA Security employee. Irate tcitizens are sreaming that these “pat downs” are groping of private araea, “quick feels.” Old people and women are not exempt from these pat downs.

A doctors note or you explaining metal body parts will not buy you a pass. You will still face a possible stirp search often in front of other waiting passengers. Articles are all over the internet on this crisis.

I posted on this subject, complete with videos a few days ago, see link;

Its time to call your reps in Washington about this. We want to be safe but there must be a better way and these methods must stop NOW. We are not pieces of meat to be inspected by nasty civil servants.

SHAWSee Today’s Drudge Report for more on this