TSA Demonstrations at Airports

Posted on November 22, 2010


President Obama has waited until AFTER the Novemeber elections are over to take away your rights. Obama thinks his timing of the new naked body scans and genital seaches procedures is perfect.

Obama and the TSA are counting on people to submit because; there is no time to organize demonistrations with just days before Thanksgiving. And Congress is basically gone for the holiday while The Tea Party nationwide is also doing Thanksgivng.

Obama knows come Friday,citizens then will be busy for five weeks with Christmas and New Years.

If we don’t have mass protests and demonstrations in the next few days our rights may be gone FOREVER

 There is talk that soon trains, theaters, stadiums are going to be treated in the same manner.

Here are some ideas for mass or individual demonstations. We can stop this at the airports and bring this hurry-up by Obama to a screeching stop. SHAW.

If  a TSA person touches YOUR GENITALS-YELL RAPE as LOUD as you can!!

COUNTRYWIDE  get the TEA PARTYs to gather and demonstrate  outside Airports. 

Everyone flying this week – A sit down protest inside  the “pat down” area of the airport. Can you imagine FOX NEWS showing hundreds of  thousands of citizens  shutting down the system, being pick up off the floor and carried away by police and arrested.

Remember  a TSA Demonstration starts with JUST ONE person saying NO and sitting dwn ,Refusing to MOVE. AND a TSA Demonstratn start w ONE person yelling RAPE if Touched.

Below see a vieo by Ron Paul on the TSA Crisis.

 Following the video you will find links to many articles on the net on this crisis. Please read.




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