Video-Remember Obama’s Civilian Nat Security Force Idea?Airports?

Posted on November 24, 2010


I have posted two pieces this week on the TSA scanning and groping crisis at our airports, see links below.

Yesterday Rush Limbaugh on his daily radio show made the same points I have been mkaing in these posts.Rush said that the groping of the American public is not about security, its  Obama demonstrating that he has control over the public. Rush said Obama showed he can detain you and jail you. He can humiliate you.Obama owns you.

Several Limbaugh callers had another idea. These listeners believe that Obama is punishing the American public because Obama was lost big-time in Novemeber’s elections and this is pay back.

In my opinion, Rush didnt go far enough. We are no longer a free country.

Now do you see why Obama is on video saying that he needs his own security force?