One Blogger Fights Obama Administration

Posted on November 29, 2010


Yesteday on Twitter, I a saw a tweet about a blogger who was fighting the Obama administration. It seems this blogger has drawn the attention of Obama, and his minions are putting this blog out of business. I was very impressed with the determination of the the blogger at Hill Buzz to reestablish his blog and continue to hit Obama hard at every opportunity.

I think its time for all bloggers to start on our own Jihad to stamp out Obma and the left where ever we find it. This should be our daily work. SHAW

The Post:

Never Give Up, Never Surrender


This is just a quick note in light of the Obama Administration beginning to seize and destroy websites it does not like…which is unconstitutional, and nothing in the Patriot Act gives them the ability to do this, but the Cocktail Party GOP enablers are not stopping them…so it is happening.

I crossed the Rubicon, for good, in January of this year when the Left declared all-out-war on me on a personal level.  Every Alinsky weapon was used against me — calling me a racist, targeting my friends, ruining my business, attacking me on a public and personal level — all in an effort to get me to close down and never write on politics again.

I must admit these tactics are very effective, and these people damn near killed me.  You have no idea what it is like to have the fueled and fully  operational Alinsky Death Star aimed directly at you…and I hope you never have to deal with that.  It’s brutal, it leaves you a pariah, and it does indeed make you just want to give up on life…when people you haven’t heard from since kindergarten write you to let you know they Googled you and wonder why Daily Kos is calling you a racist.  When 80 year old nuns who taught you in school 25 years ago email in to wonder if you are holding up okay…and then tell you to keep punching “those bastards
in the face” because “evidently you are getting to them, and I am proud of you”.

I will make sure that HB puts out content every single day that’s keyed towards getting people off their feet to resist this administration and to bring down the Left once and for all.

Since January, I have been building relationships with people much bigger, stronger, and high profile than myself…people who know full well what the Left is capable of.  So, if ever there’s a direct attack on HB by the Obama Administration, I guarantee I will get help from big names out there who will ask why this little political site in Boystown has been targeted.

I guarantee I will wake up every single day and do as much as I can to screw with the Left’s plans and expose Obama for the Leftist he is, until this man is defeated and removed from office and President Palin takes that Oath and starts rebuilding this nation on her Inauguration Day.

I am all-in, and will never, ever shut up…no matter how many Obama opposition sites Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano decide to seize and shut down.

Additionally, until we would be able to get HB back online, I am sure I can write as much as I want on a dozen sites out there, so you would only have to Google me to see where I turned up.

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