What to do About Sarah Palin? 2012

Posted on December 13, 2010



We are in that time of year that’s like the twilight zone. We struggle through a lame-duck session of Congress with the Dems trying to squeeze through bills that have no chance of passage in 2011 with hundreds of fresh GOP pols arriving. I am not going to waste our time with the Start Treaty, the Dream Act or the extensions of tax cuts.

I am giving my attention to who will be the GOP or Tea Party candidate that runs for president against the Dems in 2012.There are many names that come to mind and I have a BIG role of duct tape here with me in case my head starts to explode as we talk about this.

The biggest and most popular name to deal with as candidate is Sarah Palin. Palin is the major reason the GOP took back the House. Her common-sense, down home political outlook is just what American needs. We need to return to the core values of the founders of this country. Those values are what made us the strongest, most successful country in the history of the world.

Her detractors claims she is a dividing figure with polls showing nearly 50 % love her and 50% dislike her. Some say she isn’t smart enough or have ritht experience to run the country.But after 2 years of Obama we can see that Obama’s experience as a community organizer and part time state politician was not the right experience being president. Palin has at least been governor of a state and met a payroll.

Sarah Palin has good instincts of how the people want this country run. You can’t learn that at Harvard. We have had several governors of states whose executive experience was a good fit for being president, and other governors whose experience was a poor fit for being president. It’s a toss-up

Personally, I think Palin is a better fit to be Vice President., She would well represent this country to world leaders without any apologizing for imagined American past mistakes. She would not humble our country by bowing before world leaders. She would present America’s views to world heads.

Sarah would be a rallying point for the American people. She would represent the America we all grew up in and were proud of. Very few leaders have burning in their soul the bold, adventurous, unstoppable, innovative, spirit that is America, Sarah Palin does. So is it Palin for President or Vice-president.

P.S., I might add, that at this moment, if you wanted to name a state that is the symbol of American’s freedom, America’s spirit, strength, and power two states come immediately to mind. Texas and Alaska.  These states are still FREE. I live in neither. Tomarrow I will give my suggestions for Sarah Palin’s 20112 running mate. SHAW