EDITORIAL:We Need More Boots On the TX Border — Now!

Posted on December 22, 2010


Below you will find the stark reality of violence on the Texas border. It is in an editorial by Republican Rep. Ted Poe.There are two important points. One, the volence is worse expected and Two, the lame main-stream media isn’t telling America how bad things are. With all the problems America faces in 2011, Mexican border drug violence could end up being our most important problem. SHAW

Editorial by Republican Rep. Ted Poe represents the 2nd Congressional District of Texas.

It was near midnight as American peace keepers were on patrol in a well-known hot zone in a remote area of the desert valley. The men and women that protect us know the dangers they face in the valley of the gun. Yet, they continue to serve; continue to put their lives on the line for our country. But, I am not talking about the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. I am talking about the war at home – the Third Front.

On December 14, U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian A. Terry and members of his team encountered a group of armed gunmen while on patrol in a remote area near the border town of Rio Rico, Arizona. Upon seeing Agent Terry and three other Border Patrol agents, the suspects opened fire with automatic weapons in the darkness of the night. Terry was shot in the back with an AK-47.

Within minutes a helicopter life-flighted him to a nearby hospital. However, Terry died en route. One gunman was wounded in the shootout. Four suspects have been arrested for this deadly crime, but one individual remains on the run.

Justice is needed and well-deserved for these murderers. Agent Brian A. Terry is irreplaceable. Yet another life claimed by the violent border battle on the Third Front. I hope justice is swift, but I also hope that our government takes action and not one more lawman loses his life at the hands of an illegal.

Agent Terry’s fatal shooting is not the first murder of a Border Patrol agent. If our government continues to be blissfully ignorant to the reality of the violence and crime spilling over into our country, I am afraid he won’t be the last.

American citizens are not exempt from the dangers either. Our border jails are over-run with criminal illegals that have committed violent crimes in our country. Earlier this year, American citizen, David Hartley was murdered on Falcon Lake along the Texas-Mexico border by the Zeta Cartel. His death is not uncommon for those who experience the brutal violence on a daily basis. To the protectors on our borders, this is just another day on the Texas-Mexico border.

For some reason, we don’t hear much about border violence in the mainstream media. They seem too concerned about letting those illegally here stay, rather than the crimes they commit against Border Patrol agents and American citizens. However, the media has it backwards.

MORE….www.foxnews.com/   Editorial by Republican Rep. Ted Poe represents the 2nd Congressional District of Texas.