VIDEO-Howard Dean: Tea Party ‘Last Gasp’ of Aging Generation

Posted on January 6, 2011


You won’t believe what you are going to see and hear Howard Dean say….An astonishing new video of Howard Dean insulting everyone who is involved with a TeaParty….Dean beleives most Tea party memebers are 65 and white, people who have trouble with diversity. Dean drones on that tea Party people don’t know what to do in this country that is so different than the one they grew up in. Dean gives has idea on there actually being 3 Tea parties. And Dean is making speeches to college kids across the country telling his version of the Tea Party and what is going on in this country. The Progressives never stop. When they lose they continue to plan , sceme and spread their vile ideas. Enjoy the spectecule in D.C. of our new Congress a few days and then  get back on the streets spreading the Conservative message. SHAW