What if Giffords Shooter had been Black? or Muslim, Hispanic?

Posted on January 14, 2011


Just when I was hoping that the Giffords story would move off the front page I find myself bringing it up again. How different would the nation discussion on the shooting be if the shooter wasn’t a white male?

What if the shooter had been black. A black shooter might not have been a memeber of the Tea Party or conservative. Maybe this black male shooter was angry due to being unemployed or losing his job to an illegal hispanic. Being unemployed could be bring outrage at the high unemployment in this country and Obama’s inability to improve unemployment. Would the main stream media cover unemployment as a reason for national outrage?

If the shoote was an illegal hispanice would there then finally be a mainstream media call for national action to close our borders? Or would the media lament the plight of illegals in this countyr? What would be said and written about Hispanics?

What if the Giffords shooter had been a Muslim? Would we condemn the radical muslims? Muslims are given  privileged treatment by the media and by Obama. How could politicians and media possible condemn Muslims?

I doubt an entire group would be attacked, as conservatives have been, if the shooter had been black or Muslim. I think the media would have focused on the individual responsible for the crime. What a difference being white makes. Think about how the race of the shooter changes everything.

On a related issue-Do lawmakers need improved security?  Lawmakers have reason to be afraid for their safety. Liberal lawmakers have shown their distain for the American public every chance they get. Lawmakers have passed laws that the vast majority of the public didn’t want. These laws were passed without promised hearings. The economy shows little sign of improvement and unemployment is still 10% and not falling. This poor economy has been this way for years. Citizens lives have been crushed. People are hurt and angry and have every right to be.Fortunately 99% of citizens would not cause physical harm.SHAW

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