Anti-Capitalism You Tube Videos Required for Students

Posted on January 19, 2011


The anti-Capitalism people are still at it. This time they are trying to get their message across by using anti-capitalism videos are part of school curriculums in schools and colleges. And to make it easier to indoctinate student’s minds, these videos are on You Tube, a place kids hang out and its hard to regulate. The material itself is hard core anit-capitalism.SHAW

A series of videos have been racking up viewings on YouTube, thanks in part to public school teachers and university professors making them a part of curriculum, and indoctrinating our children with left-wing anti-capitalist propaganda.

Annie Leonard, an activist with Greenpeace, created “The Story of Stuff,” a web video disparaging America’s consumer society and attacking capitalism (or, as she calls it, “the current economic model.”)  It was funded by the mysterious Tides Foundation – the group that also funded ACORN before it became a liability to the left and rotted away.

There has been a successful effort to debunk Leonard’s indoctrination effort, which can be found at Glenn Beck’s site.

But Leonard’s own words show that this Story of Stuff project is simply a means to an end.  The end, of course, is to transform America’s economy away from capitalism and towards something that can only be described as socialism.

“I go around the country and I show the ‘Story of Stuff’ film and for those of you that have seen it you know it lays out a pretty broad, pretty systemic critique of the economy – of the current economic model,” Leonard said in a May 2010 speech in South Carolina. (emphasis added)

The problem is, Leonard, and many like her, don’t have the courage to simply say they want to ditch capitalism.  Instead, they use poll-tested phrases like “an economy that works for everyone.” Or, she objects to “trashing each other on the equity front,” and apparently believes “stuff” is distributed unevenly among human beings.  “We’re not sharing the stuff we use well enough,” she says.

What Annie Leonard – and many other with socialist beliefs – lack is the cajones to say what they would do about it.  Clearly their remedy is more government intervention in our lives.  More regulation, more taxes, more nudges to get us to act as they would see fit.

 They don’t do that because it would face stiff opposition.  So they go about it in a different way.  Consider one of her analogies from the May 2010 speech:

I’m looking forward to the day that I show the ‘Story of Stuff’ film and someone asks from the audience not ‘what can I buy differently?’ but ‘what meaningful collective action can we take to solve this problem at its root, to build a healthy, sustainable, equitable and fulfilling economy?’

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