Why Doesn’t Obama Just Shut Up

Posted on February 11, 2011


Everyday its the same thing. President Obama feels he has to speak down to the situation in Egypt. Obama is not the parent to Mr. Mubarak or the Egyptian people. He speaks as if he, the Obama from on high, will not allow Mubarak to stay in Cairo. Obama also gives speeches to those crowds and groups rioting for freedom as if they were to follow HIS direction and breathlessly wait for further instructions as they persue their actions.

It’s a joke that Obama would challenege Mubarak on his credibility and meaning. President Obama has no credibillity in world affairs. He is seen as weak and is making the US look like a fading world power with little influence.

Obama didn’t see this turmoil in Egypt coming. Once the riots started he has stood on the sidelines and let events unfold as he tried to find a credible position.Would he stand by his ally or stand by those seeking freedom.

The world community doesn’t believe the positon Obama has finally, sort of taken. He has zero credibilty as leader who stands for something.

President Obama would do himself and Egypt a favor and just shut up.No one is paying attention to him or his views, Stop the twice daily edicts on the situation in Egypt. Please. SHAW