Christie Eager to Talk about “the Christie Management Style”

Posted on February 16, 2011


For the good of the country, Let’s hope Gov.Chris Christie’s rash of public speeches in an indication that he is considering a 2012 run for president. I know he wants to do New Jersey proud as governor but what could make NJ more proud than a native son becoming president and more importantly solving the worst economic crisis the country has ever gone through. The country needs a no- nonsense,-in-charge type who is there to do a job and not play politics or do things “business as usual.” The establishment in DC needs a kick in the pants and Chritie is the guy to do it. SHAW

Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is set to take Washington by storm on Wednesday, as his captivatingly confrontational style and straight-talking charm will be on full display during a speech at the conservative American Enterprise Institute (AEI).

Although Christie has issued more than a few dramatic denials of any interest in exploring a presidential run in 2012, “The Question” continues to follow the first-term governor wherever he goes, and his visit to the nation’s capital will surely be no exception.

Washington political observers tend to assume that Christie’s espoused lack of interest in mounting a White House run is merely the tactic of yet another savvy politician, but perhaps Christie really is what he says he is: a popular governor who is concerned about the nation’s financial health but is perfectly content to remain in New Jersey for the time being.

“I believe him when he closed the door on running, but the problem is we have a tripwire media where everything is covered through the presidential prism, which is unfair,” Republican strategist Mike Murphy said. “Why is he giving a national speech? He’s got a unique style of dealing with the spending crisis in Trenton that he hopes will catch on with other governors, so I think he is trying to be an evangelist for his style, which has been effective at a time when it’s needed. So maybe it’s not about him.”

In an uncommonly fluid field of GOP presidential contenders, Christie’s emphatic rebuffs against the White House chatter have made him all the more attractive in the eyes of his legions of adoring fans nationwide, who greet him with rock star-worthy reverence whenever he speaks out of state.

Christie notched a strong fourth-place finish in last weekend’s CPAC presidential straw poll, despite not even attending the conservative gathering in Washington, D.C. But back home, Christie is more than holding his own in a state where politicians are about as popular as the traffic on the Jersey Turnpike.

In a new Farleigh Dickinson University poll released on Wednesday, 51 percent of New Jersey voters approved of the way Christie was handling his job, while only 39 percent disapproved.

“People in the state are very clear that he is focused on the state, and I think that they’re surprised by the national attention,” Farleigh Dickinson political science professor Peter Woolley said. “I don’t think there’s any evidence to suggest that he’s distracted by the national attention or that he is in any way shortchanging the conversation in New Jersey.”

According to a Christie aide, the governor will meet with the New Jersey congressional delegation and attend a trade meeting at the White House, in addition to his AEI speech on Wednesday. The aide said that Christie’s Washington trip was scheduled in order for him to share with a wider audience, including governors of other states from both parties, his experiences in dealing with New Jersey’s fiscal crisis.

In a preview of his speech that was provided to Politico, Christie indicated that he planned to go into detail over his war with the teachers’ union in New Jersey-a topic that always provides fertile ground for him to show off his take-no-prisoners persona.

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