It’s Time to Get Mad as Hell!!!…. New Video

Posted on February 25, 2011


Are you mad as hell about what is going on in this country? Are you mad that we are not drilling for oil in the USA? Are you mad that Big Government has run up Trillions of dollars of debt? Are you mad that there are demonstrations in state capitols where governors are trying to save their states from going broke? Are you mad as hell  that millions of unions workers get their health care and retirement FREE, PAID by You? Are you mad as hell that Obama has passed a Healthcare bill that you told him you DIDN’T  want! Are you mad as hell Michelle Obama is telling you what you can eat? Are you mad That PC types are making rules telling YOU how to live your  life ? ARE you mad as hell about all the attention being paid to Muslims by Obama and the OLD Media? ARE you mad the OBAMA has APOLOGISED to the ENTIRE world our  United States? Please see the video below. AND scream right along with the main character.It is a  remake of the original and the new actor should get an Oscar award, well done. And one more thing, turn your VOLUME WAY UP. SHAW