Video-Van Jones’s Speech at Sats ‘American Dream’ Rally

Posted on February 28, 2011


Above is a video from Saturday’s maiden ‘American Dream Movent ‘ rally. The rally was attended by memebers of Obama’s MoveOn.Org movemnet, The Code pink group, SEIU union and other unions. Many were there to help the known Communist Van Jones get his new movement off to a good start. Many were there to protest union problems in many states, especailly Wisconson. Some were there to tant about the usual progressive issues.

Jones speech mentioned the TeaParty a few times, mentioned protection  for middle america, rights and justice for all.Jones claimes this rally will light a candle that will be lit across america.

Jones had a very poor turnout, a mediocre speech and this movement did not show much power. I enjoyed how badly this went and it made my weekend. SHAW