Video-Mystery Missile Launch 11.09.10 Over Ca.–Still a Mystery

Posted on March 12, 2011



I am sure everyone remembers the missile lauch over California near LA. It happened in November of 2010. The U.S. government denied it was their missile. The government also said theat it might not be a missile but a jet plane. I have never heard a definative answer on what this missile like object was or who it belonged to. Many people, experst have said it was a missile launch from a submarine. Most said they think it came from a Chinese submarine. I posted a blog on this that same day. If you go to my site a blank screen appears and a label says this video is private?

Take a look at other reports of the incident, below.  Have you heard the exact answer to what this was? I say this was a missile, not a plane and it was from a Cjinese submarine.SHAW