Utah Tries unconstitutional Amnesty for illegal aliens?

Posted on March 19, 2011


Utah is struggling with to handle illegal immigration on the state level since there seems to be no federal immigration policy. Below is a post from a group called ALIPAC. It claims Utah is attempting amnesty for illegal aliens. For another look at this Utah process see link at the end of the article. SHAW

Utah has created a program called the Utah Compact where lawmakers, business interests such as the Utah Chamber of Commerce, and some religious groups work together to pass Amnesty legislation couched in enforcement language. They plan to spread this tactic to other states to overcome the will of most Americans who have defeated this kind of legislation five times in the last five years in Washington, DC!

National Group Calls on Utah Residents to Turn Bill into a Deportation Tool

ALIPAC is calling for Utah residents to rise in political rebellion against the politicians who just passed an unconstitutional Amnesty for illegal aliens, that is opposed by approximately 70% of Americans.

ALIPAC is releasing a three point plan designed to stop this unlawful Amnesty attempt in Utah using three steps: Recall, Rescind, and Deport.

One – Each Utah lawmaker who has supported Amnesty for illegals should be recalled in the 2012 elections including Governor Gary Herbert, US Senator Orrin Hatch, and each member of the legislature that voted for HB 116.

Second – HB 116 should be opposed with lawsuits and boycotts and then rescinded once the lawmakers who are attempting to override current federal laws have been deposed from office.

Third – Any illegal immigrants who sign up to participate under Utah’s HB 116 should have their identifying information used for deportation under the current existing federal laws of the United States and provisions in the US Constitution that protect all states from invasion.

“We want these politicians who have betrayed the American public on behalf of special interest groups like the Chamber of Commerce out of office, then HB 116 rescinded by their replacements, and finally any illegals they attempt to aid with the program deported,” said William Gheen President of ALIPAC.

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is sending out a press release to Spanish language media publications announcing the plan to take control of the program and use it as a deportation tool.

In violation of their tax status, the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) stepped out publicly to praise the amnesty legislation via spokesman presiding Bishop H. David Burton.

“The political revolution in Utah has begun,” said William Gheen. “Everyone in America is noticing that Utah just betrayed the nation by becoming the first sanctuary state for illegal aliens, moving unilaterally to try and rescind our existing federal immigration laws.”

ALIPAC is publicizing the role of US Senator Orrin Hatch, the LDS Church, and the Utah Chamber of Commerce in the passage of Amnesty bill HB 116.

A national boycott of the businesses involved will be announced soon along with the lawsuits.

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