My Questions to OBAMA OnThe Gadhafi/Libya War

Posted on March 20, 2011


Dear Barack Obama,

Do your best to answer my many questions about War in Libya

Thanks, SHAW





Wasn’t it REALLY Hillary Clinton that gave the military the actual go-ahead to start the Libyan war?





Was US intelligence caught off guard on Libya?

Wasn’t  US intelligence also caught off guard with the revolt in Egypt?

 Is James Clapper  STILL head of intelligence?  

Does he know about the London terror attacks?  or the revolt in Egypt? YET!




Doesn’t the War Powers Act, state that the president have 90 days after introducing troops into war to obtain congressional approval ?

Shouldn’t the US  declare war on Libya?

Was it your goal destroy Libya’s airforce but leave Gadhafi in power?

 Should we leave a ruthless dictator in power ?

If Gadhafi goes-are the rebels in charge?

Do the rebels know how to run a government?

Do the rebels have ties to radical muslim or terrorist groups?


 Is the US in charge enough of the world forces fighting in Libya?

Will the US now proceed to overthrow other non-democractic   governments in the Mideast?



$$$Now Some Questions About PAYING for the War

Isn’t our national debt already   $15 TRILLION DOLLARS!                

 Does or massive debt matter to you?

Who is paying for the 124 Tomahawk missiles launched, costing nearly 1 million each?

 Can we continue afford to spend millions of dollars each day in the Libyan War?

On You Tube 2 years ago, before the Bailouts, before Tarp and before the Stimulus– and you the great Barack Obama said-

“We are out of money”

DO we have money NOW?