AUD/VIDEO A Leftist Economic Terrorism Meeting

Posted on March 22, 2011


Glenn Beck has this story on the Blaze this am. Abouve is an audio/Video of a meeting of leftists discussing their ideas and their program of stopping the economy of the United States by disruptions. Involved with the leftists on this are the unions, SEIU and there is speculation that JPMorgan bank is also involved. Also involve will be “so-called community groups” and shadow organizations that make it look like this disruption is the being brought by the average American citizen.

This will be done in the name of economic fairness, money the government has stolen from citizens, probably social justice will be used as a tool here.

The left’s plan is to take the kind of disruptions they caused in Madison Wisconsin and spread it across the country, bring a halt to our economy. This is Economic Terrorism. This will cause the stock market  and banks to crash and a new system of government will be put in place.

This is a fluid story so check back for updates. SHAW