LA County Sheriff TOO Involved with Muslim Outreach Programs

Posted on April 14, 2011


If you are interested in Muslims in America and their growing influence a good source of information is the . The following article is from this blog. It involves a LA County Sherrif who seems to be so involved in welcoming Muslims that he can’t possibly be doing his job as Sherrif. Why is LA County so involved with the Muslims? SHAW

ARTICLE…After Lee Baca defended the notorious Hamas-linked CAIR and criticized hearings on Muslim radicalization, he’s on a bit of a Islam public relations blitz. At least two articles on Baca’s Muslim Community Outreach program are floating in the media now. The first is this article (pdf) in American Police Beat magazine found on the Los Angeles county government website:

What stands out the most initially is that there is no mention of Islamic terrorism or jihad. The program is not described as a tool to help law enforcement prevent terrorism by Muslims, rather the program is for Muslims “to address issues including hate crimes and discrimination facing the Muslim community.” Worse, it is being used to spread Islam by way of mandatory dawah on all new police recruits:

The unit also trains department members about Islam and Muslims, touching on issues such as beliefs and customs. Academy recruits also receive a two-hour class on Muslim cultures and background as part of the cultural awareness training program.

But one taxpayer-funded program for Muslims is not enough for CAIR’s Sheriff Baca:

The new LASD unit, established by Sheriff Lee Baca, has begun a Young Muslim American Leaders Group to engage and educate young Muslim professionals in the Los Angeles Area. The group meets monthly.

A look at the LA Sheriff Department’s website has an entire page dedicated to the program including a picture with Sheriff and “Hijab Girls” as the image is titled (in case it is scrubbed renamed,

The Muslim Community Affairs Unit is managed by Muslim Sheriff’s Department staff members which consists of a Sergeant, a full time Deputy and five part time Deputies assigned to various patrol and custody divisions