Must see video — China’s Ghost Cities. The next market bubble to pop!

Posted on April 15, 2011


Back home in the US, we hear only the positive side of China’s growth story. We hear about the mass migration of people from the country to the city; the rise of a burgeoning middle class; and we are told to expect to be overtaken by the great Chinese people and their destiny.

If you believe in the story and the destiny of China, as told by the main stream media, the video is for you. In an eye-popping 15 minutes, this group of journalists from AUstralia tell teh real story of how China is advancing its economy and the growth of its nation. This video will maek you see that what is happening in China has already happened here — in 2008. The bursting of the great US real estate market is peanuts as compared to what may happen in China. Please watch.