VIDEO–Obama Civil Disobedience Riot Squads?

Posted on May 9, 2011


Last week I did a post on college kids going wild as the school year was over at a small Illinois college.

After further thought- the College Kids disturbance wasn’t the REAL story.

The college kids were clearly rowdy, drinking and causing meyhem. The collegians were even throwing trash out of their living quarters. But this mob wasn’t a danger to anyone but themselves. This group had no intentions of any major lawbreaking or storming the small town of Macomb Illinois, where most went to school at Western Illinois University.

A disturbance like this is usuallly controlled by the local police and perhaps a few county police. The story of this disturbance is the amount and type of force used to quell it. It was something not seen in small towns.

It seems there is now a force put together by many Illinois counties that are on stand-by alert for any civil disobedience. This force will assemble on quick notice and converge on the disturbance. The police involved include a group from HOMELAND SECURITY. This is a federal backed effort. A decsion has been made that any disturbance or riot will be met with immediately by a, powerful, well equipped, tactically trained group of storm troopers like you would see at the G20 summit. These cops wore the same G20, head to toe riot gear helmets shields, uniforms  troopers wear at a riot in Europe.

What is a well trained and professionally equipped force like this doing in the small town of Macomb,Illinois?

In my opinion in the videos you will be watching, you are seeing  a test of the HOMELAND SECURITY riot troopers that have probably been assembled accross the country. Macomb is a good place to test these troops in a small college town that is not near anything.

Is the government is preparing itself for big time country-wide riots-maybe over food prices and shortages or fuel stoppages. Maybe Obama will, if reelected, nationalize a few key industries. Remember the swift take overs of the banks and car industry.

Perhaps Obama will refuse the will of the people on another important matter or is it time to quiet the Tea party? SHAW

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