VIDEO-Buchanan Says Newt ‘Out on Left Wing of GOP Base’

Posted on May 16, 2011


Newsmax…House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s decision to embrace the individual insurance mandate – a key part of the Obamacare health plan – and his charge that GOP Rep. Paul Ryan’s plan is radical “right wing social engineering” has cut him off  “from the vast majority of the Republican Party,” according to MSNBC political analyst and longtime conservative icon Patrick J. Buchanan.

Buchanan, who served as a White House adviser to presidents Nixon, Ford, and Reagan, added: “When you come out for the individual mandate … you must be writing off today 75 percent of the Republican Party, which has as a major issue overturning that in the Supreme Court.”

Speaking on MSNBC’s Morning Joe program, Buchanan added that said that President Barack Obama and Democrats are the key beneficiaries of Gingrich’s barrage that erupted Sunday during his interview on “Meet the Press.”

“I can’t think of a prominent Republican nationally who is coming out for a national individual mandate. That’s the Obama position,” Buchanan said.

Buchanan was also mystified by Gingrich’s strident critique of Ryan’s plan on NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday.

“What Newt is doing is what the left wing of the Democratic Party is doing up there in that District 26 race in New York,” Buchanan said, “which is trashing Paul Ryan as a radical. It’s not simply saying, ‘Ryan’s got a courageous plan, I’m taking a look at it.’ It’s trashing it.

“This is the position of the Democratic Party and Barack Obama right now politically that they’re going to take into the campaign of 2012, hammering Ryan as a radical — and Newt Gingrich has just dealt them aces,” Buchanan said.

Gingrich said on Meet the Press on Sunday that he stood by comments he made as early as 1993 that government should require all citizens to purchase insurance or a bond to cover health emergencies. Gingrich also favors government subsidies and  vouchers for people who can’t afford to purchase their own insurance.

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