VIDEO-Balance of Oil Power Shifts to Canada Next Week

Posted on May 20, 2011



I posted this so you could just hear the staggering number amounts of Canada’s oil. The amount of oil is staggering. Below is some news I recieved from an investment group. We should be aware of the Oil Power Canada will soon become.  Did you know that right now Canadian oil is being pumped into the US and reaches the oil terminals in Oklahoma. Oklahoma that still pumps US oil? I wonder how our old ally Canada feels about Obama promoting the Brazilian oil industry? After you hear the bold oil totals turn off the video so people don’t sell you something. SHAW

Next Tuesday, May 24th, this company’s chief operating officer is making a long-awaited presentation at the UBS Global Oil and Gas Conference in Calgary.

From the looks of things, his report will detail their endgame in harvesting this resource — whose potential value may be in the trillions.

This is probably the big one folks…

And I can’t emphasize enough how important it is that you get the following information before the world hears about it in the papers next Wednesday morning.

There won’t be another reprieve.

Watch this video today.

Watch this Video Today