TODAY-GOP Debt Ceiling Vote

Posted on May 31, 2011


I heard on Fox News this am That this vote might take place today ,Tues May 31…..

Article-GOP doing damage control on budget cuts

bySusan Ferrechio,….   A week after losing a Republican-leaning House seat, the  GOP will schedule a vote on whether to raise the nation’s debt ceiling that they  hope will show that Democrats are just as unwilling to increase how much the  government can borrow without significantly reducing how much it spends.

Republicans, anxious from the loss in New York that  was blamed on their efforts to cut Medicare, are eager to show voters that  Democrats are also insisting on reining in spending and that it’s not just the  GOP taking a knife to popular government programs.

The proposal to raise the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling  is not expected to pass and Democrats dismiss the vote as a political stunt. But  Republicans say it will help force Congress and the White House to accept that  significant cuts will be necessary in any bipartisan deal to raise the debt  ceiling.

The GOP also wants voters to know that their agenda  goes beyond reducing federal spending.

Republicans announced they will begin pushing job  creation proposals in response to apparent voter disenchantment with the budget  slashing on which they’ve focused since taking control of the House in  January.

“The House Republican Plan For America’s Job Creators”  was rolled out barely two days after the GOP’s stunning loss in New York’s 26th  District to Democrat Kathy Hochul.

While there was a third-party candidate in the special  election who spent millions of dollars and helped split the GOP vote, the party  was shaken by polling data that showed the real culprit in the race may have  been the Republican plan to dramatically alter Medicare.

New York voters, polls indicate, were fearful that  Republican Jane Corwin, if elected, would help pass the GOP Medicare proposal,  written by Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., which would transform the program into a  “premium support” voucher system.

After Corwin’s loss, Republicans wasted no time  pivoting to their job creation plan, with a dozen members lining up at a press  conference to talk about lowering the corporate tax rate and reducing  regulations on businesses with hardly a mention of entitlement  reform.

“I could be somewhat critical of how the campaign was  run, but the fact is, we didn’t win,” House Speaker John Boehner said of the New  York race. “And the small part of the reason we didn’t win clearly had to do  with Medicare.”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said  the New York race would not change the GOP’s desire to include Medicare reform  in any debt ceiling deal.

“You simply cannot get a comprehensive solution or a  pathway to a solution on our debt and deficit problem and leave entitlements  aside,” McConnell said.

A bipartisan group of congressional lawmakers has been  meeting with Vice President Biden in recent week to hammer out an agreement on  budget cuts in exchange for raising the debt ceiling deal in time for an Aug. 2  deadline set by the Treasury Department. So far, the two sides have come up with  about $1 trillion in cuts, but Medicare has not been part of the discussion.

Some political strategists suggest that Republicans  should heed the lessons learned in New York and drop the subject of Medicare  reform.

“The Ryan plan is a stone-cold loser,” Democratic  strategist Doug Schoen said. “The quicker they get off it the better they will  do.”

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