Weinergate-Best Weinergate Post

Posted on June 1, 2011


When I first read the story and saw the picture about Anthony Weiner I thought this story won’t stand up, it will be a one day story.But, here we are a week later  and everyone on TV and Twitter are still talking Weiner. I am going to try to cover this story from every angle.

It was alleged that NY Rep. Anthony Weiner took a picture of himself in his underwear while in an excited state. Weiner sent this photo to a college girl he knew on Twitter. Everyone on the internet has now seen this picture.

This story wouldn’t have gone anywhere if his name hadn’t been Weiner and the picture was about wiener.PLUS Anthony Weiner is a pushy, obnoxiou, “I’m a big -shot ass.”NY politician.  A politician who holds himself..high above the masses. How could that picture of the guy in the underwear be Anthony Weiner? Impossible? I think it’s possible, I saw the picture and there wasn’t much… in the underwear. The underwear looked empty. That would be about right for Weiner. I was surprised the underwear weren’t “tighty whities” or maybe with a Winnie the Poo logo on them.

This story has everyone on Twitter giggling like little girls about the word ‘weiner.’ Hell get over it, a weiner isn’t something to take lightly, it’s a great word plus its weiner season-4 th July cook outs and such. As I remember weiners are also refered to as “Tube Steak.” The word weiner is also  used to describe a male who is WEAK or a wimp, such as “that Anthony is such a weiner! “

I think this story would have been put to bed sooner if Weiner was such a show off.  I went by his place the other day. and this was parked outside.

Kinda showing off. And driving the Weinermobile  to colleges and scarring the coeds he finds on Twitter is very nasty.

There is more funny stuff this story brought out. One blogger asked me  why parents don’t name their boys DICK anymore?I think the last kids named Dick were named in the 40’s.I don’t know why Dick stopped a favorite. Of course there have been some good Dicks, like Dick Van Dyke, Dick Tracy, Dick Cheney, but politically speaking there will always be just one “Big Dick”. I refere to Dick Nixon of course, althought the old Chgo mayor Dick Daily is a close runner up. Dick is a strong, firm name and I hope parents start using it again.

I think I have said all that can be said about the Weiner Story. I hope it will wilt away soon. SHAW