BOB SAYS: Bob’s 2012 Candidate Ranking 6.08.11

BOB: Today, June 8, 2011- This is my official Bob’s 2012 candidate ranking, my choice:

1.Herman Cain 2. Sarah Palin 3.Allen West 5.Tim Pawlenty

If they were running ranking:

1.Mike Pence 2. Jim Demint 3Rick Perry 4.Herman Cain 5. Sarah Palin 6Allen West 7Tim Pawlenty


Bob Just stepped out, be back soon….

Bob Is a contributor to SHAWSBLOG. Bob is a grad of WMU, Poli Sci. Bob’s backround is as a politcal observer/political advisor,blogger. Bob is conservative, believes in small govt, low govt spending and a strong national defense.  Bob’s vote is not owned by the GOP. Before politics, Bob worked in show business. Bob lives in Chicago,Il.


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