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Low-tax Texas beats big-government California

March 10, 2011


“Stop messing with Texas!” That was the message Gov. Rick Perry bellowed on election night as he celebrated his victory over Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison in the Republican primary for governor. In his reference to Texas’ anti-littering slogan, Perry was making a point applicable to national as well as Texas politics and addressed to Democratic […]

New Const.Amendment to Ban Govt From Owning Private Companies

January 24, 2011


Backed by top GOP leaders including House Speaker John Boehner, Republican Rep. Mike Turner is introducing a constitutional amendment to ban the federal government from owning corporations in whole or part following aggressive intervention by the Treasury Department during the financial crisis. The proposal, like all constitutional amendments, faces major hurdles to becoming law. But, […]

Obama Admin to Create Internet ID for All Americans

January 9, 2011


Obama still doesn’t get the message of the past November elections. They message-the people want less government. The people do not want the government involved in their private lives. Now we have the Obama aministration wanting to set up all Americans with an internet ID. The creation of your internet ID will be wrapped in good […]

When Did the Rules Change?

July 16, 2010


But what about when the rules change?    For nearly a century now, the rules have said that tough economic times make big government more popular…..When Rome was “falling,” did it feel like it? When all of the tasty, leafy fronds started vanishing, did the dinosaurs say, “So this is what extinction looks like”? When British […]

Hold the VAT — Taxpayers May Prefer Spending Cuts

April 26, 2010


By Micheal Barone, TOWNHALL   The Obama Democrats’ stealth strategy for increasing the size and scope of the federal government is well underway, despite huge voter backlash. Federal spending has been increased from a 30-year average of 21 percent of gross domestic product to 25 percent, and a bipartisan commission tasked with reducing the deficit […]

Tea Partiers Fight Obama’s Culture of Dependence

April 19, 2010


  By Micheal Barone, TOWNHALL “Do you realize,” CNN’s Susan Roesgen asked a man at the April 15, 2009, tea party in Chicago, “that you’re eligible for a $400 credit?” When the man refused to drop his “drop socialism” sign, she went on, “Did you know that the state of Lincoln gets 50 billion out […]

Big Labor fills the ranks of Big Government

March 30, 2010


Mark Hemingway, W EXAMINER  In February, two Democratic senators crossed the partisan aisle to join the GOP minority in blocking former law professor Craig Becker’s appointment by President Obama to the National Labor Relations Board. Becker’s defeat was a stinging blow for organized labor because, besides being a former law professor at Georgetown University and […]