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GOP Donors Court New Jersey’s Christie

May 9, 2011


Some of Iowa’s top Republican campaign contributors, unhappy with their choices in the developing presidential field, are venturing to New Jersey in hopes they can persuade first-term Gov. Chris Christie to run. The entreaty is the latest sign of dissatisfaction within the GOP over the crop of candidates competing for the chance to run against […]

N.J. judge finds Christie’s cuts to school aid unconstitutional

March 24, 2011


  N.J. Governor Chris Christie is making budget cuts in an attempt to keep his state from going bankrupt and to eliminate it’s huge debt. An activist judge who probably has ties to the teacher’s unions has rules Christie’s cuts unconstitutional. Hopefully the N.J. Supreme court will find Chritie’s cuts lawful. This should be a […]

Christie Eager to Talk about “the Christie Management Style”

February 16, 2011


For the good of the country, Let’s hope Gov.Chris Christie’s rash of public speeches in an indication that he is considering a 2012 run for president. I know he wants to do New Jersey proud as governor but what could make NJ more proud than a native son becoming president and more importantly solving the worst […]

Gov. Christie travels to Chicago to lure businesses to N.J.

February 5, 2011


Gov. Chris Christie traveled to Chicago Friday to lure businesses away, an endeavor that could produce some returns for New Jersey. The trip came as Democratic governors in two states responded to Christie’s criticisms and analysts weighed the likelihood of his success in bringing businesses home. “I don’t think he’s going to get any company […]

Chris Wallace interviews Gov.Chris Christie

January 17, 2011


Video-Gov Christie takes on Heckler for Whitman at Rally

September 24, 2010


At a rally for Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman, N.J. Governor Chris Christie verbally takes on a heckler. Whitman has campaigned on buget cutting and fighting unions to save bankrupt California. Gov. Christie told the heckler” People Like You ‘Dividing this Country.”

Video-Chris Christie on pension reform

August 4, 2010


  Via Cubachi, a sneak preview of the next phase of Christie-style Hopenchange: Figuring out how to bring sustainability to a public pension system which, by law, requires an increase of nine percent per year. The governor, who took office in January, skipped a $3 billion payment into the $66.9 billion fund in his first […]