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Video-Speaker Boehner Assumes Gavel

January 5, 2011



Tea Party Activists Angry at G.O.P. Leaders

January 2, 2011


I can’t wait for the new session of Congress to start. Beforehand the Tea Party is already upset with the GOP. The GOP looks like they want to get along, as usual. But who does the GOP want to get along with-the Tea Party or the Democratic Party? The following article by By KATE ZERNIKE […]

Obama’s Big Party Almost Over

December 24, 2010


I was sickened by the Democrat’s big celebration as the Lame Duck session ended. You would have though they were still in charge and all was well in a robust America. Since the end of the Lame Duck the lame-stream media has shown Obama is a dynamic leader and dispensed with using the term “shellecking” that […]

The Greatest Idea-Jindal Says Congress Should Work Part-Time

November 26, 2010


Gov. Bobby Jindal has come up with the greatest idea I have heard in 50 years. Congress should work just part time. In this way, Congress would be spend less time in Washington and on junkets and more time in their home states where they can see the conditions there. In their own states Congress […]

Wake Up! Congress trying to pass $300 Billion Unfunded Spending by Memorial Day

May 26, 2010


Despite Soaring National Debt, Congress Goes on Spending Spree As the national debt clock ticked past the ignominious $13 trillion mark overnight, Congress pressed to pass a host of supplemental spending bills to, among other things, fund the continuing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, ramp up security on the U.S.-Mexico border and prevent teacher layoffs. […]

Stopping the Runaway Congress

April 15, 2010


by Hugh Hewitt,TOWNHALL When the Senate’s Republican leader Mitch McConnell took to the floor this week to denounce the latest version of Chris Dodd’s vision for how American finance and banking ought to be run, McConnell eased fears among conservatives of all sorts that the GOP would go along with an alleged Wall Street makeover […]

Will Democrats in Congress stop at nothing?

March 20, 2010


Democrats in Washington are determined to ram their agenda through Congress and – possibly as soon as this weekend – transform national health care from liberal dream into legislative reality. To do so, they are willing to ignore: •Public opinion. Large majorities of Americans continue to oppose the health care plan; as of March 8, […]