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VIDEO-New Abercrombie and Fitch Kid’s Swimsuit Controversy

April 2, 2011


This has to be the lowest, gutter attempt at selling sex and to KIDS.  It wouldn’t suprise me if Abercrombie next got into the  kiddy porn movie business. Or how about an AF magazine for pedifiles? Will AF come out with a padded swimsuit for boys and young men? Abercrombie’s new pushup swimsuit is another serious […]

Thomas Sowell:Success is based on Productivity, Not ‘Luck’

August 11, 2010


A graduating senior at Hunter College High School in New York gave a speech that brought a standing ovation from his teachers and got his picture in the New York Times. I hope it doesn’t go to his head, because what he said was so illogical that it was an indictment of the mush that […]

Red Families, Blue Families?

May 6, 2010


By Maggie gallager, TOWNHALL Two law professors have waded deep into the minefields of the culture war and come up with a doozy of a hypothesis: We Americans are not just divided politically into red states and blue states, our very families are colored-coded red and blue. Oh, and the blue family is beating the […]

Where Do Jews and Christians on the Left Get Their Values?

March 30, 2010


by Dennis Prager,TOWNHALL Many Americans find it difficult to understand why Jews on the Left — including many who would call themselves “liberal” rather than “Left” — continued to enthusiastically support President Obama after the revelations about the anti-Israel and anti-Jewish views of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the religious mentor and close friend of Obama. […]

The Real War Front is At Home

December 28, 2009


By Star Parker TOWNHALL Christmas 2009 and our nation is still at war. Afghanistan? Iraq? Yes, of course, brave young Americans are in those far off lands defending our country. God bless them.But the war’s front is here at home. The war we are having with ourselves We may speak with thanks and a sense […]