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Budget Votes TONIGHT! by Reid and Senate Dems

May 25, 2011


Reid To Force Four Votes Tonight By Guy Benson, Townhall.   Here we go.  Senate Democratic leadership is expected to hold a series of budget votes this evening. They will ask their colleagues to vote on four 2012 budget proposals — not a single one of which is their own plan.  That’s because, as we’ve pointed […]

Harry Reid has a Revolt on his hands on Debt Ceiling.

April 29, 2011


“As catastrophic as it would be to fail to raise our debt ceiling, it’s even more irresponsible to not take this opportunity to own up to our unsustainable spending path.” — Statement from Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colo., announcing his refusal to grant an administration-requested increase in the nation’s $14.3 trillion borrowing limit without spending curbs. […]

92 House Republicans call on Harry Reid to step down

April 6, 2011


A group of 92 House Republicans is calling on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) to step down from his leadership role if the Senate does not pass a measure funding the federal government for the rest of the fiscal year. “Mr. Reid, you also failed to pass one single appropriations bill to fund even […]

Video-Harry Reid :The Tea Party will fade away

March 19, 2011


Harry Reid is correct when he say that the Tea Party was about the bad economy. But that’s not all the Tea Party is about. The Tea Party is about small government. It’s about the people elected to serve in Washington doing the people’s buiness while they serve. The Tea party is about no big […]

Reid Pelosi Get MUGGED

December 19, 2010


Read more at the Washington Examiner: Elections have consequences. The consequences of the November 2010 elections — and one might add the November 2009 elections in New Jersey and Virginia and the January 2010 special Senate election in Massachusetts — became clear as lights shined over the snow at both ends of the Capitol […]

HARRY REID ‘In Your Face’ With Four Versions of Dream Act

December 2, 2010


Foxnews has an article that Harry Reid will Get his Dream Amnesty Bill passed or die trying…. We all know why this bill is so important to Democrats; Millions of new hispanicsin this country who will  become gratful Democartic Party voters.. But you have to wonder why Harry Reid is so completely crazed with this one issue. […]

Calls for Reid to Explain Handling of Ex-Aide’s Sham Marriage

October 27, 2010


  The Nevada Republican Party called on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Tuesday to personally explain how somebody who confessed to a sham marriage with a Lebanese national later deported ended up on his staff –– and precisely when he found out about her past.  The challenge came after reported Monday evening that Diana […]