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Herman Cain takes on Traditional GOP

June 6, 2011


Herman Cain Tosses Out Establishment Playbook in Republican Presidential Bid Mitt Romney may be at the top of Republican presidential  preference polls, but traditional campaign models are not going to guarantee the  nominee this presidential season, candidate Herman  Cain said Sunday. Cain, the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, argued that his recent  catapult in the […]

Could Herman Cain Be the Next President Ronald Reagan?

May 22, 2011


  While I agree with the author that there are some similarities between Reagan and Cain, meaning no disrespect to Mr.Cain, no one will ever have the unique qualities and characteristic of President Ronald Reagan.SHAW By Martin Sieff…. Newt Gingrich has self-destructed. His ridiculous and mean-spirited attack on Rep. Paul Ryan makes Richard Nixon look as […]

Herman Cain President Announcement Video

May 21, 2011


Herman Cain Interview Today-audio

May 19, 2011


I am running a post by YourDaddy’s Politics aboout Herman Cain. I think Herman Cain would make a great candidate for President and I am posting all the Cain material for everyone to see on the net. Cain makes his public decision on running for president THIS Saturday. My Thanks to YOURDaddy’sPolitics. SHAW     Does […]

TOP 10 Reasons to Support Herman Cain for President

May 11, 2011


By C.Edmund Wright…..Even those conservatives who will not vote for Herman Cain to win the Republican nomination should hope that he does run — and that his candidacy lasts a long time during the nomination process, perhaps even succeeding. Not the least of reasons is that a Cain candidacy would be a hoot.  And I […]

AUDIO-Herman Cain on the Fed and Economic Stimulus

May 7, 2011


Herman Cain was former Chaiman of the Federal Reserve In Kansas, City.Cain has a lot to say about the FED and about Obama’ economics. SHAW

Video-SC Debate-Herman Cain on Gas Prices

May 6, 2011