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Obama Is the Most Hostile Sitting U.S. President In the History of Israel

May 25, 2011


By Anne Bayefsky, There is some logic in the fact that President  Obama has fled the country while Israel’s  Prime Minister Netanyahu addresses Congress. With Obama’s comments this past  week on Israel, the president now appears to many as the most hostile sitting  president in the history of the Jewish state. A key casualty of […]

Netanyahu: Israel Cannot Return to 1967 Borders

May 24, 2011


 “Israel cannot return to the indefensible 1967 borders,”Netantahu. It is so refreshing to hear and see a strong leader compared to the weak, detached Barack Obama. SHAW Israel’s prime minister promised to present his  vision for an Israeli-Palestinian peace in a speech before U.S. lawmakers on  Tuesday, but vowed his country would not return to […]

VIDEO-Israeli ‘Iron Dome’ Missiles Hit Gaza Rockets

April 11, 2011


This short video clip is great news.It shows that the Israeli ‘Iron Dome ‘ Anti-missile defense system is ready to stop rockets shot from Gaza. This system is still experimental but its already doing it’s work. SHAW

Israel to deploy ‘Iron Dome’Missile Defense System Within Days

March 25, 2011


Has the US offered to build Israel a missile defense system? If Not wahy not?  We can build one for our European friends.What kind of missile defense system do we have for the mainland US? North Korea had missiles that can reach parts of the US. Iran and others would like to give missiles to Venezuela, […]

‘Strike May halt Iran’s Nuclear Program’

June 3, 2010


By YAAKOV KATZ ,JERUSALEMPOST A military strike on Iranian military bases, airports, bridges, railroad stations and other key infrastructure could lead Iran to suspend its nuclear arms program, according to a paper that came out last week in a US Army publication. Titled “Can a Nuclear-Armed Iran Be Deterred?” the article, which appeared in the […]

Video – Activists on Gaza aid flottila ship attack Israeli soldiers

May 31, 2010


Israeli navy commandos raided a ship that was part of a six-ship Free Gaza Flotilla. Some of the commandos carried only “paint “guns.The Israeils came under fire and were beaten by the activists aboard. One Isreali commando was thrown overboard. Several activists were killed and dozens of others were reportedly injured, as were several of […]

Why Russia Helps Iran

October 14, 2009


Why Russia is not afraid of an Iranian bomb By BORIS MOROZOV JPOST US President Barack Obama’s recent decision to cancel the deployment of an anti-missile defense (AMD) system in Eastern Europe was met with approval by the Russian authorities. In exchange, speaking at the recent G-20 summit in Pittsburgh last month, Russian President Dmitry […]