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Herman Cain takes on Traditional GOP

June 6, 2011


Herman Cain Tosses Out Establishment Playbook in Republican Presidential Bid Mitt Romney may be at the top of Republican presidential  preference polls, but traditional campaign models are not going to guarantee the  nominee this presidential season, candidate Herman  Cain said Sunday. Cain, the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, argued that his recent  catapult in the […]

Video-Krauthammer: Gingrich ‘Blew It, It’s Over’ And NEWT Comments

May 20, 2011


This video is painful to watch. I wasn’t a Newt fan but ruining your own Presidentail campaign in 2 days is craziness. Newt is no longer in the game, if he still was. SHAW

Krauthammer: The Great Peasant Revolt of 2010

February 5, 2010


 by Charles Krauthammer TOWNHALL  “I am not an ideologue,” protested President Obama at a gathering with Republican House members last week. Perhaps, but he does have a tenacious commitment to a set of political convictions.  Compare his 2010 State of the Union to his first address to Congress a year earlier. The consistency is remarkable. […]

The Myth of ’08, Demolished

November 6, 2009


By Charles Krauthammer REALCLEARPOLITICS WASHINGTON — Sure, Election Day 2009 will scare moderate Democrats and make passage of Obamacare more difficult. Sure, it makes it easier for resurgent Republicans to raise money and recruit candidates for 2010. But the most important effect of Tuesday’s elections is historical. It demolishes the great realignment myth of 2008. […]

More Obama Lies

September 18, 2009


Gliding from one dubious claim to another By Charles Krauthammer You lie? No. Barack Obama doesn’t lie. He’s too subtle for that. He … well, you judge Herewith three examples within a single speech — the now-famous Obama-Wilson “you lie” address to Congress on health care — of Obama’s relationship with truth. (1) “I will […]

Obama on high

June 12, 2009


‘He does position himself as hovering above mere mortals’ by Charles Krauthammer WASHINGTON — When President Obama returned from his first European trip, I observed that while over there he had been “acting the philosopher-king who hovers above the fray mediating” between America and the world. Now that Obama has returned from his “Muslim world” […]

Barack W. Bush

May 22, 2009


By Charles Krauthammer “We were able to hold it off with George Bush. The idea that we might find ourselves fighting with the Obama administration over these powers is really stunning.” — Unnamed and dismayed human rights advocate, on legalizing indefinite detention of alleged terrorists, New York Times, May 21 WASHINGTON — If hypocrisy is […]