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The Power Base of the Left- List of Names and Aims

November 2, 2010


In 1983, Ronald Reagan infuriated liberals worldwide by accurately labeling the Soviet Union as the evil empire. George W. Bush received a similar reaction following his “axis of evil” speech in which he used the politically incorrect term, evil, to describe the regimes of Iraq, Iran, and North Korea. Although most Americans found it refreshing […]

Name One Difference Between World Opinion and Left-Wing Opinion

July 6, 2010


By Dennis Prager. The Islamic world, Leftist media and the United Nations agree on virtually every international issue — on the villainy of Israel first and foremost, on support for the United Nations, on weakening American influence around the world, on opposition to the use of American force in Iraq and Afghanistan, on abolishing nuclear […]

The Left Loses Its Way by Abandoning ‘Third Way’

May 3, 2010


By Micheal Barone, TOWNHALL Left parties are in trouble in the Anglosphere. Here in America, Democrats are doing worse in the polls than at any time in the last 50 years. In Britain, the Labor Party is on the brink of finishing third, behind both Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, in the election next Thursday. All […]

Why Left Talks about “White” Tea Parties

April 27, 2010


By Dennis Prather, TOWNHALL Opponents of the popular expression of conservative opposition to big government, the tea party, regularly note that tea partiers are overwhelmingly white. This is intended to disqualify the tea parties from serious moral consideration. But there are two other facts that are far more troubling: The first is the observation itself. […]

Tea Partyers, Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Clinton

April 22, 2010


 by Emmett Tyrrell, TOWNHALL Not so long ago, there arose on the American political scene something called the Angry Left. It was an indignant group of ritualistic liberals whose appearance the mainstream media apprised us augured well for Democratic victory in 2008, and so it did. The Angry Left turned out the vote for the […]

Why a Town in Iowa Sought to Abolish Good Friday

April 6, 2010


By Dennis Prager, TOWNHALL When a town in Iowa seeks to rename Good Friday “Spring Holiday,” you know America has problems. Those of us who affirm the Judeo-Christian values that have constituted the basis of America’s values since before the founding of the United States expect such things on the two coasts. The West Coast […]