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My Questions to OBAMA OnThe Gadhafi/Libya War

March 20, 2011


Dear Barack Obama, Do your best to answer my many questions about War in Libya Thanks, SHAW   WHAT IS YOUR POLICY IN LIBYA?     Wasn’t it REALLY Hillary Clinton that gave the military the actual go-ahead to start the Libyan war?  Hill       Was US intelligence caught off guard on Libya? Wasn’t  US intelligence […]

Obama’s Plan-High Priced Oil Trumps the Economy

February 28, 2011


Obama Shuts Down One-Third of US Oil Supply It seems that Obama has refused to budge on his mission to bring America to its knees. Since day one of the Obama regime I have said that Obama’s true intentions was to reduce America from the world’s only superpower to an average middle of the road nation. Obama is a […]

Obama Now a Shamless Imperialist, What’s Coming Next

February 13, 2011


  I keep hearing some people say that it was Obama that toppled the Mubarak government. I hear Obama and his leftist friends have a scheme for changing the Mideast.I haven’t heard this speculation form major media. The premise is believeable considering its  leftist that control and advise Obama.SHAW… By James Lewis….We’ve just watched Obama […]

Gangsta Obama Threatend Jindal Over Oil Spill

November 14, 2010


Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal claims in his new book — titled “Leadership and Crisis” — that President Obama threatened him after he asked the White House to expedite approval of Food Stamp benefits for Gulf Coast residents left homeless by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. “Careful, this is going to get bad for everyone,” he […]

White House Defends Targeted Killing Program

September 25, 2010


The Obama administration was preparing a request on Friday to block a lawsuit over the scope of its targeted killing program for suspected terrorists, in a case that challenges the government’s powers in its war on terror. U.S. officials say national security is threatened by Yemeni-American Islamist cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, whose fiery sermons are a […]

Woodward Book:Obama, Aides Deeply Divided Over Afghan War Strategy

September 22, 2010


  President Barack Obama’s top advisers are depicted in a new book as arguing over much of the past 20 months about policy and turf, with some top members of his national security team doubting the president’s strategy in Afghanistan will work. The book, “Obama’s Wars,” by journalist Bob Woodward, says Obama aides were deeply […]