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SEIU fought Against ObamaCare Repeal to Protect Their Waivers

February 3, 2011


By Alexander Bolton….SEIU was lobbying against the amendment offered by Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) to repeal the healthcare reform law. SEIU has sent e-mails to Senate offices urging lawmakers to vote against the proposal to unwind President Obama’s signature domestic initiative. “A vote in support of this amendment is a vote to raise out-of-pocket […]

Video-Obama Speech on SEIU Alliance, Immigration

October 5, 2010


This am I started out reading a post ‘The Devil at Breitbart’s Doorstep’ by Bret Jacobson at Big Government. Within the post I was directed to a video on You Tube Via Az gov Jan Brown on Obama’s deep and vigorous support for SEIU and its position of on Immigration. Obama is very passionate about […]

How SEIU Exploits its Memebers

September 29, 2010


The Service Employees International Union plans to send 25,000 rank-and-file workers on 500 buses to Washington this weekend to protest the tea party movement, Republicans and Fox News. If SEIU members had any sense, they’d be demonstrating at their own bosses’ D.C. headquarters. It’s the Big Labor Left, not the Tea Party Right, that is […]

Obama’s Thugocracy

May 23, 2010


By Andrea Tantaros, From the G.M. bondholders, to the Black Panthers at polling stations, to ACORN to the mobs showing up at the homes of private citizens, Obama is running a Hugo Chavez-style thugocracy.  in one of the most aggressive and offensive intimidation tactics to date, hundreds of members of the largest union – […]

Nina Easton, SEIU Union Thugs, Debt and Alinsky

May 22, 2010


As SEIU Terrorizes Bank Employee’s Son, HuffPo and MediaMatters Omit Deadbeat Union’s $90 Million Debt” By Liberty Chick, BIG GOVERNMENT Alinsky Rule #12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. Nina Easton just became the left’s latest target.  Why?  So that SEIU can hide from the truth about its financial liabilities to […]

VIDEO-SEIU Union Thugs Bused in, Mob Surrounds Bank America Exec’s Home

May 20, 2010


This was the scene at the home of a Bank of America executive’s home as SEIU over a dozen bus loads of SEIU thugs protested. This was not a normal protest, a family was inside and was terrified. The police did not interfere. These protesters arrived in over a dozen buses. This was not a general […]

Big Labor’s defeated NLRB nominee Craig Becker: He’s baaack…..

March 4, 2010


By Michelle Malkin   I said they wouldn’t give up easily. They never do. On Feb. 9, radical SEIU lawyer Craig Becker’s nomination to the National Labor Relations Board was defeated on a cloture vote by 52-33. Well, word today in D.C. is that Becker’s back: The Obama administration is hinting at a possible recess appointment […]