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Budget Votes TONIGHT! by Reid and Senate Dems

May 25, 2011


Reid To Force Four Votes Tonight By Guy Benson, Townhall.   Here we go.  Senate Democratic leadership is expected to hold a series of budget votes this evening. They will ask their colleagues to vote on four 2012 budget proposals — not a single one of which is their own plan.  That’s because, as we’ve pointed […]

Obama’s Ulta-Liberal Court Pick Liu Stopped in Senate Filibuster

May 20, 2011


  If there’s one place where what goes around comes around, it’s the United States Senate. Goodwin Liu, the Berkeley law professor nominated by President Obama to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, is the latest to learn that lesson.Liu’s nomination was blocked by a Republican filibuster Thursday — the first successful filibuster against a […]

Eight toughest races for Seante Democrats next year

May 18, 2011


Senate Democrats knew that 2012 wasn’t going to be a picnic. Republicans need to gain only four of 23 Democrat-held seats up for election next year to take control of the upper chamber. And President Obama’s low approval ratings in swings states always meant a tough test. But the Democratic Party had been doing a […]

Wisconsin News:Ryan to Stay in House, Thompson runs for Senate

May 17, 2011


  I am very enthused about the news that Rep Paul Ryan will not run for the open Kohl Senate seat in Wisconsin. Paul Ryan best serves this country by pushing his budget plan. Ryan is THE budget expert in the country.  In the story below story by Ed Morrissey,, writes about former WI governor Tommy Thompson entering the […]

Dems to End the Filibuster With “the Rockefeller Move?”

January 4, 2011


Since their majority in the Senate has narrowed, the Dems are searching for a way to control the invigorated GOP. The Dems feel their best bet is to limit the filibuster by use of simple majority vote. This was attempted many years ago by Nelson Rockefeller. I doubt these change will happen but it is […]

Video – Dem Senator Baucus Drunk on Senate Floor

December 28, 2009


You would have to be drunk to vote for the health care bill.

Reid: Public will greet health care bill with ‘joy and happiness’

December 24, 2009


By: Byron York In the final minutes of the Senate health care debate, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said lawmakers would hear “an earful” about the national health care bill from constituents who are solidly opposed to the legislation. In response, Majority Leader Harry Reid cited the case of a young disabled boy in Nevada who […]