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Good Union News:Teachers Unions fail to Secure Pork for Public Employees

July 25, 2010


It appears the millions of dollars the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers spent electing President Obama and a Democratic Congress is turning out to be a bad investment, because the Democrats in power failed to deliver the $10 billion “education jobs fund” for the unions. Even the trimmed amount, originally $23 […]

The U.S. Economy Needs Fewer Public School Jobs Not more

June 6, 2010


Teachers unions, the Obama administration, and most Democrats in Congress want to spend another $23 billion that we don’t have to shore up public school employment. If we don’t go along, they tell us, it’ll be a “catastrophe” for American education. With fewer teachers our kids will supposedly learn less, further crippling our already wounded […]

Dems Interested in gays and spending, not Afghan War

May 31, 2010


By Chris Stirewalt, W. EXAMINER We’ve come to a strange Memorial Day. There are 100,000 American troops trying to occupy a savage land known as the “graveyard of empires,” but the only military topic under general discussion is how best to allow gay members of the armed forces to express their sexuality. When history tells […]

Obama’s $23 BILLION payoff to teacher unions

May 16, 2010


By Micheal Barone,WEXAMINER Labor unions gave $400 million to Democratic campaigns in the 2008 electoral cycle, and they’ve been getting very generous payoffs from the Obama administration and the Democratic Congress. The latest installment: $23 billion to teacher unions. In contrast, Barack Obama called Spain’s left wing prime minister Jose Luis Zapatero to praise him […]

Obama wants Another Bailout – Teachers, Again

May 15, 2010


Obama Administration Makes Emergency Funding Request for Teachers By Steven Clark, AP Despite President Obama’s pledge for honest budgeting and billions of dollars in stimulus money spent to save teachers’ jobs , the Education Department is asking for off-the-books emergency funding to keep local districts from laying off school teachers next school year.  Education Secretary […]

ACT Reviews Education In America

May 11, 2010


By Herb London, TOWNHALL To cite a cliché, the more things change the more they remain the same. This applies to many areas of life, but arguably it is the essence of educational reform. Recently the ACT, an independent organization that provides assessment, research and program management in broad areas of education, issued a statement […]

Firing all the teachers was justified

March 5, 2010


Ruben Navarrette CNN Instead of the famous line from Henry VI — let’s kill all the lawyers — what we have is: “Let’s fire all the teachers.” That’s exactly what Central Falls School District Superintendent Frances Gallo did in February. In a move that was bold but also justified, Gallo fired 77 teachers at Central Falls […]