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YOU PAY ‘Official’ Union Time?$$$$

June 1, 2011


—Official time is a  federal term for the hours spent by union officials employed by the government  conducting union business. The officials are paid their normal government  salaries for this work on behalf of the unions. ARTICLE: Union Price Tag Grows at a Cost to U.S. Taxpayer By Molly Henneberg…..Union behavior and their bargaining power […]

Unions Demand,Fight for ObamaCare but GET… WAIVERS

May 23, 2011


Hundreds of unions from SEIU to small unions have recieved waivers from ObamaCare. Many cities and now 9 states have applied for medicare waivers. A good video on the two-faced unions and a fine post from Redstate follow.  SHAW This video by Pay to Not Play: More ObamaCare Waivers Pile Up Posted by LaborUnionReport […]

Obama Delivers everything he promised the Unions-FOR $200M

May 21, 2011


One thing must be said of President Obama —  he gives good value in return for the hundreds of millions of dollars in  campaign contributions he got from the nation’s labor movement. Unions spent an  estimated $200 million electing Obama and re-electing Democratic majorities in  Congress in 2008. Union officials ought to be ecstatic with […]

Union rights under fire in 17 States

May 18, 2011


  By Grace Wyler….. In the three months since union supporters took over the Wisconsin state capitoland ignited a national debate over public-sector unions, one thing has become clear: It’s been a bad year for organized labor. The latest blow to unions comes from lawmakers in deep-blue Massachusetts, where state Senate leaders unveiled a plan today […]

Connecticut Unions Agree to $1.6 Billion in Givebacks

May 13, 2011


  By PETER APPLEBOME,  Threatened with nearly 5,000 layoffs, representatives for 45,000 unionized state employees agreed Friday to $1.6 billion in concessions over two years to help balance a budget that Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, above, says includes pain for everyone: record tax increases, substantial program cuts and worker givebacks in health care, pension benefits […]

Coercion, Threats and Bribery by Unions Everywhere

May 1, 2011


  VIDEOS–Teachers’, police, prison, and firefighters’ unions around the country are up in arms over proposed cuts in their pay and pensions. These cuts are absolutely necessary to stave off bankruptcy in many states. For too many years politicians have bought the votes of these union groups by overpayinf them, making them hard to fire […]

CHART-Top 10 States with Worst Debt Trouble and 10 best

April 27, 2011


  TOP  10 states with the worst debt trouble are forced work states. By by Kimberly Morin………After discovering that the Top 10 states with the highest tax rates were all Forced Union states, it comes as no surprise that the top states with the worst debt trouble are also Forced Union states. Back in January […]