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Palin to Dumb to Run? Chris Mathews


Rush Limbaugh Obama’s Pep Rally

Rush Limbaugh Orates his REAL VERSION of the  Thanksgiving Story

 The Pilgrams and Property Rights

Mike Pence at Lame Duck Rally

Jim Demint at Lame Duck Rally


O’Reilly Interview with Sara Palin on Immigration, “Mama Grizzles”

Dem Congressman (CA) Lies about Black Panther Story

Rep Stark Demeans the Minutemen and boarder patrol problems


OBAMA-We Have No Money

Black Panthers intimidate at Polls

OBAMA Plays Golf During Christmas Bomber Crisis

We will have open HC bill hearings on C-span

America Rising: An Open Letter to Dem Politicians

9-12 Tea Party DC Protests Big Spending

Schoolkids Sing of Obama

Dem Rep. Kanjorski ‘These Citzens are good people-not minorities’

We The People

SEIU UNION Thugs Outside a Townhall Meeting

Anger at a Health Care Townhall Meeting

4-15-09 Tax Day Tea Party Tyler Texas

OBAMA-I Dont Want Those Who Created the Mess to do the Talking!

Tea Party ‘Can You Hear US Now’ Anti-media demonstration in NYC

Obama Hitler Style Indoctrination of Kids

Marine Stuns Crowd with Impromtu Star Spangled Banner Outburst

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